Jeepney Annoyances #5 – Bobbleheads

Aaarrrgggh!!!It’s bound to happen… sooner or later. You come home late one night, then suddenly a bobblehead sits beside you. These bobbleheads come in two flavors: the drunk and the sleepy. The drunk bobblehead is more potent since aside from the bobbling you get a free sniff of whatever he drank last for each bobble. But for the sleepy bobblehead you get the occassional snore. But they have one thing in common, they’re both annoying.

Each time the jeepney stops, these bobbleheads tend to bang your arm or the arm of the poor fellow sitting on his other side. And they tend to linger around, so this banging will go on for the whole trip.


One response to “Jeepney Annoyances #5 – Bobbleheads

  1. yup i know the feeling… i just know somebody who’s just like that… oh wait a minute… it’s you!!! mwehehehe!

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