The Ultimate Delivery Service

I’m in McDo eating their oh-so-awesome chicken nuggets and at the same time trying to eat their oh-so-crappy spaghetti.  It got me wishing that I’m eating Jollibee’s spaghetti instead.

Will the day finally come when this could happen?  Imagine ordering from a fictitious deliver company which we shall call, let’s say, The Ultimate Delivery Service, and ordering a 2-pc chicken combo: one ChickenJoy and the other an original KFC chicken.  That would really be the ultimate combo.  Or let’s say, a Champ, McDo fries and a Wendy’s shake.  Or ordering a pizza combo: half of which is Pizza Hut’s Pan Pizza and the other half, a thin crust Shakey’s Pizza.

Just the stuff of dreams, it seems like it.  But you never know…  Now, if only I could finish this spaghetti.


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