The Unit

The Unit is truly an enjoyable series. Here’s the description from Wikipedia:

The Unit is an American action-drama television series that focuses on a top-secret military unit modeled after the real life Delta Force. The program features both the domestic lives of the team members and their missions abroad, in addition to the effect their careers have on their home lives, wives and girlfriends.

For those who are fans of team-based FPS games and team-based action, this is the series for you. There’s a new mission every episode and it usually takes place in another country. The interaction between the team members is great and unlike other shows, the lives of their wives are shown which makes the characters more human.

BTW, the series stars David Palmer, I mean Dennis Haysbert, as Sgt. Maj. Jonas Blane and T-1000 himself, Robert Patrick, as Colonel Thomas Ryan.


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