Jeepney Annoyances #6 – Rusted Roof Handle Bars

Aaarrrgggh!!!All of us passengers know this part of the jeepney. This is where we hold on to for dear life whenever a driver suddenly decides to break or speed up way faster than is allowed on the streets or much faster than the jeepney can handle. This is where we hold on to to avoid displacing the passenger sitting next to us. So this is one of the most important parts of the jeepney. But sadly, those with older models, have an equally older and rustier roof handle bars (If that’s what it’s really called. Dunno the exact term, though, but roof handle bars come close).

So we pretend everythings AOK and hold on to them during those sudden jeepney breaks and speed ups while silently letting go of them for the normal parts of the trip. I guess us passengers should wear those gloves worn by race car drivers.


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