Jeepney Annoyances #7 – “Deaf” Drivers

Aaarrrgggh!!!You have said “Para!” for the umpteenth time. You have knocked the roof senseless ’til your knuckles bled. But still the driver goes on ignoring you and will only stop 2 or 3 blocks from your intended destination.

It might be a case of deafness due to the noise of the jeepney or the noise from other vehicles. Or the driver might just be plainly ignoring you. Well, I don’t know and I don’t usually ask.

It’s a good thing that some drivers have remedied this situation. They have placed a rope around the roof handle bars, and this rope is connected to a bell of some kind. So if you’re stop is near, all you have to do is pull the rope to ring the bell. This works, but sadly most jeepneys don’t have these.


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