Fave Stores #1: CD-R King

CD-R King. This store has outgrown its name. It should now be called “All the Techy Stuff that You Need” King. I’ve been there since it was just a small store selling, what else, but CD-Rs! Those were the days when DVD-writers were still costing around P15,000 and DVD-Rs are way too costly. I remember that my favorite CD-R brand back then was Philips. In fact, I have in my collection several different designs of the Philips CD-R. I’ll be scanning those and displaying them in a gallery here soon, if I find the time to do it.

But now, CD-R King is really a king in its own right. They have literally everything that your techy heart desires. They have all types of CD-Rs and DVD-Rs, MP3 players, MP4 players, headphones, keyboards, optical mice, thumb drives, cleaning kits, LCD protectors, laptop sleeves, laptop decors, laptop bags, USB lamps, USB massagers, notebook cooling pads, mug heaters, joysticks, gamepads, Ni-Cd batteries, MMC cards, memory sticks, etc., etc., etc… They even have tripods!

The only drawback, the lines are getting longer and the salesladies are getting slower. But then again, they’re the ones who sell the stuff you want at just the right price, so there’s really no choice but to be patient as you wait for your turn to buy. Get a good book while in queue. You’ll need it!


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