Nintendo DS Lite for P1,700

Yup, it’s true!  Got one last week… it’s pre-owned and it doesn’t have a charger or a USB cable, but who cares it’s only P1,700…

I love my PSP and for me, at least … I think, that the DS Lite pales in comparison with the technical aspects of the PSP (Just compare the flimsy directional buttons of the DS Lite with the sturdy counterpart in PSP or the large screen LCD display of the PSP with the smaller, albeit two screens, of the DS Lite)

But the one thing that the DS Lite has it going for itself is NOSTALGIA!  Yup, nostalgia.  Games I grew up with are in the DS Lite.  Games like Super Mario Bros., Castlevania (3 in DS Lite compared to 1 in PSP), Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Zelda, Kage, etc., etc…

So together, PSP and DS Lite compliment my portable gaming needs!


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