Mythology: The Game — Excellent Board Game

Excellent cover art!

My Bro was able to spot a cool-looking board game called Mythology: The Game.  And last night we were able to buy.  It was a very long time since we last played a board game.  The funnest time I ever had was playing the old Mad Magazine Game.

Now on to Mythology: The Game.  First off, the first thing you will notice is the very cool packaging — complete with 3 gems, an excellent illustration of a battle with a Hydra and a sturdy looking-box which you can open to reveal another excellent illustration of the Labyrinth with the Minotaur in the center.

Excellent inside art & nice preview of game pieces!The next thing that would grab your attention are the game pieces themselves, which are like mini-busts of Greek heroes plus the Minotaur itself, looking proud and mighty.  The detail and quality are excellent!  You can even remove the helmets!  The other game pieces are also good – the lightning-shaped spinner, God cards, dice, etc.

How about the gameplay?  After reading through the manual, I was able to get the gist of the rules.  Unlike the boardgames when we were younger, where it’s just a race to the finishline, this game offers a twist.  You still have to race towards the center and battle the Minotaur.  But along the way you could pick up God cards who can help you defeat the Minotaur.  And just like the myth wherein Theseus would use a ball of string to help him track his path, in this game you leave circular ball of strings to mark your journey in the Labyrinth.

Amazing game pieces -- like mini busts!

One aspect of the game which I liked is the concept of Tempt Fate.  If both you and your opponent are on a changeable square on the boardgame and you landed on a Tempt Fate area, you can then rotate the boardgame in a clockwise motion and you have to follow the rules on whichever square you will land on.  You could land on a safe square, like the Mt. Olympus or you could land in Hydra or Cerberus square where you would have to give up a card.

After defeating the Minotaur, the fun part is the race to the exit of the Labyrinth.  You can either use a Zeus card to remove your ball of string so you could just dash away to the exit or you could use a Dionysius card to block your opponent’s path with Walls.  My Bro use this technique on me but fortunately I had a Hermes card which allows me to go through Walls thus enabling my escape.  IN the end my Bro had 2 wins to my single win.

This is the most fun I had playing a board game since the old Mad Magazine Game.  Excellent packaging, excellent game pieces and excellent gameplay make this a must have!


7 responses to “Mythology: The Game — Excellent Board Game

  1. I bought this game a while back, but only recently opened it. I was shocked to realize that there was no instruction manual! I’ve been looking online but cannot find it. Where can I get it? I don’t want to buy the whole game again!

    Thank you!

  2. Ito ang laro na may diskarte!
    Sori na lang sa mga talunan…
    Iba talaga pag ikaw si Darna!
    Laging panalo sa board game na ito…
    Takot na tuloy silang makipaglaro sa akin!
    pang super hero talaga…
    gods and godesses…
    (ganun nga ba, o pinagbibigyan lang ako ng asawa ko?)

  3. Hi, plz could you tell me where you bought this game as i am a huge ology fan but have been unable to find it anywhere for sale on the net. This game was discontinued as the company tht manufactured it shut down so it is quite a hard game to buy.
    Many thanks Max.

  4. Fantastic site. A lot of useful info here. I am sending it to several pals ans also sharing in delicious.
    And certainly, thank you for your effort!

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