Mario = Fun!

I’m having a blast playing my DS Lite!  Maybe because I’m playing all things Mario!  Mario has been my favorite since the Family Computer (or NES) days.  It was the first video game which totally blew all my expectations away.  Imagine being used to the blocky graphics of the Atari and then one day I was able to play Super Mario Bros. in the then-new FamiCom console and that changed everything for me.  So I guess it could be nostalgia but it could also be that Nintendo still knows how to pack fun in their games for the DS Lite.

I’m having a blast playing the New Super Mario Bros., Mario Kart, Mario Hoops 3 on 3 and Tetris DS (which has Mario in a NPC capacity).  Just the sound of the classic theme song is enough to make me smile.  Not to mention the still cool albeit classic gameplay of the New Super Mario Bros.  I love the music, I love the characters (Donkey Kong is my other favorite), I love the gameplay… and like a kid at heart, I could still say that I love Nintendo!



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