Jose Rizal on Facebook!

This has been making the rounds as of late and it’s so freaking hilarious I just have to post it!  Some of you may not have seen it, and others who may have seen it may want to see it again.  Credit goes to the original creator of this image.

No other words necessary.  Check out the Rizal’s Facebook page and have a good laugh 🙂

Jose Rizal on Facebook



3 responses to “Jose Rizal on Facebook!

  1. gago k jose rizal nkikipg sex k s iba dinedede mu p ung boobs msrp b jose rizal hndi mu aubos no kci mlki ung boobs at ska ung titi mu pinppsok mu dun s butas ng pekpek ng babae haha…..nkita kta rial nsa hotel p nga kau ee.

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