G.I. Joe Moview Review from a Long-Time G.I. Joe Fan!

Yo Joe!


That totally sums up my general feeling for the movie.  Actually I have been waiting for a live-action Joe movie for a very long time.  Since I’ve started collecting the 3 3/4″ figures in 1990, I’ve been wishing and waiting for a Hollywood version of my favorite toy line.  In the 90s, I buy new figures every week, I record the cartoons in our old Betamax, I enjoyed watching the first animated G.I. Joe the Movie, I bought the original VHS tape of that movie, etc., etc…

Baroness & ZartanI could not believe that 19 years later I would be watching a live-action movie and an excellent adaptation as well.  The main characters this time around are Duke and Ripcord.  Ripcord had a figure but didn’t appear in the cartoon, AFAIK.  In the cartoons, the main characters are usually Duke or Flint.  I have a Flint figure and I like him better than Duke.  But anyways, Channing Tatum is excellent as Duke and Marlon Wayans as Ripcord is very likeable.  I thought that he would be annoying like in some of his previous movies, but I was surprised that I really liked his character and I liked the comic relief that he provided.

The action sequences are top-notch especially the chase in Paris — it’s un-freaking-believable!  It’s worth the entrance fee alone… I would watch the movie again just for that action sequence.

Snake Eyes vs. Storm ShadowI love the way they interspersed the movie with flashbacks.  It provided additional characterization without ruining the flow of the movie.  And unlike the last Wolverine movie, which treated years of character history like crap, this movie respected the source material, drew from it, improved on it and even though it altered some of the stories behind the characters they are integral to the advancement of the plot.  And some of the characters have stayed true to the source material like Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow (Snake Eyes, incidentally is my all time favorite Joe!).

For a long time fan like me, I appreciated those little things that they’ve put in there just for the fans.  For example, Hawk saying those classic lines “Knowing is half the battle”, Ripcord calling someone Bill (He could be Wild Bill) and Heavy Duty yelling out that classic battlecry, “Yo Joe!”.

For the inevitable sequel, here is my wish list:

  • Improve the mask of Cobra Commander, since the mask is part of his character.
  • Feature more Joes (Roadblock, Flint, Lady Jaye, Beachhead, etc.)
  • Feature classic vehicles (H.I.S.S. tanks, X- Wing, Rolling Thunder, etc.)
  • Feature the classic Cobra Guards and Crimson Guards
  • Remove Snake Eyes’ mouth!

Well, that’s it.  I’m now heading back to the movie theaters for another viewing 😀



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