Jeepney Annoyances #9 – Fixed Number of Passengers

Aaarrrgggh!!!“Siyaman! Siyaman!”

Everyone has heard this phrase being uttered by the ever-reliable barker.  If you’re the first in the jeepney it wouldn’t be a problem.  It wouldn’t be a problem even if you’re the second, the third, the fourth and so on.  It would only be a problem, and it could be a big problem,  if you’re the ninth passenger to go on board the jeepney.

Because barkers don’t take into account the passenger size.  Even if eight large passengers have already occupied the left or right side of the jeepney, these barkers would still wait for one more to complete the maximum of nine passengers for each side without taking into consideration the sizes of those already sitting.

So the poor ninth passenger would sit with barely a space left on the seats.  And if no one would like to sit in that cramp ninth space, then woe to those first eight passengers since the jeepney wouldn’t proceed without that ninth passenger since the jeepney, after all is “siyaman”.



One response to “Jeepney Annoyances #9 – Fixed Number of Passengers

  1. “that cramp ninth space” … happens to me all the time. But what can a poor girl do? Just be content on sitting w/ half of my butt-cheeck hanging out of the seat, praying that another passenger would get off pretty soon!

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