I should start drawing again, tomorrow…


When I was a kid, I used to draw a lot.  And I used to create comics as well.  But somehow my drawing didn’t evolve to a higher quality.  Now, I’m interested to draw again.  I bought pencils, a drawing pad and even a book on how to draw comic characters.  The next thing for me to do is to find the time to draw again.  Hopefully tomorrow… Or the day after tomorrow.  Or the day after the day after tomorrow…



4 responses to “I should start drawing again, tomorrow…

  1. That sounds cool. Ako rin, elementary pa nung last akong nagdraw. But recently, I’ve been practicing again. Ayun! Mukhang elementary pa rin yung drawing ko! Haha!..

    But I’ve learned its always better to try again than to regret it your whole life 🙂

  2. Yeah bro, masarap laging balikan ang pagdo-drawing kahit mga simple characters lang. Me too, nakabili rin ng maraming pencils and sketchpad and problema eh yung time. Nakabili rin ako tablet pero mas masarap pa rin mag-draw sa papel, ha ha ha. Baka bukas, mag-drawing ulit ako…

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