Inspiration rather than Intimidation

I’m starting a new category for my posts and I call it… tada! My Two Centavos… hehe, for lack of a better title.

Anyways, I received this awesome article at DPS on How to Be Inspired and Not Intimidated By Other Photographers and I immediately saw myself in the “intimidated” category.

I always feel this when I’m starting to learn something new.  Years ago, when Flash was new and still owned by Macromedia,  I was able to create a simple yet okay Flash presentation.  I’m quite proud and happy about it until… I saw other Flash presentations in the Web.  Wow, my work is dismal compared to the others.  After that, I’ve stopped doing Flash.  Same thing happens when I was learning the guitar.  I got intimated by other guitarists which are way better than me.  Now I’m learning DSLR photography and hopefully it won’t happen again.

The point of the article is that we should be inspired by the excellent work around us instead of being intimated.  Particularly in the photography field where there are so many excellent photographers, there is a strong chance that we will be intimated by the amount of excellent pictures that abound.  But instead of having that negative point of view, we should instead be inspired by those excellent pictures.

One thing that I also picked up from the article is to avoid being a copycat but to develop our own style.  In that way, we can be proud of our own little achievements.  So hopefully, and soon, I will see myself in the “inspired” category.



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