Image United — A crossover to watch out for!

Image United

Even though I’m not as big a fan of Image as Marvel or DC, I’m still familiar with some of their characters (Spawn, WildCATS, Witchblade) and their creators (McFarlane, Liefeld, Portacio).  I have not followed any of their comics.  But when I saw this latest crossover featuring their most famous creations, it got me interested.  I also liked the fact that each of the creator will draw his own character in the comic.  Who knows, this might be my jumping point to the Image Universe.  I’ll give this one a try.

Here are some cool images from Image United (from CBR):

Spawn Barricade

On the left is the cover featuring none other than the most famous Image character (at least for me), Spawn, and on the right is a new character by Marc Silvestri, Barricade.

Check out some of the other great covers here at CBR:



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