Astro Boy coming soon in theaters!

Astro Boy

Wow, when I heard that Astro Boy is being made into a CG movie I’m stoked!  First of all, I was thankful that they didn’t do a live-action movie but a CG movie instead.  This is an excellent move.  Since a live-action movie would not do justice to Astro Boy and would just ruin it.  But a CG movie on the otherhand is the next logical step from the original anime.

I’ve been a fan since the anime of the 80’s.  I remember watching it on Sunday afternoons while I’m vacationing in Nanay’s house (BTW, she’s my grandmother but we all fondly call her Nanay).  While watching Astro Boy, Nanay would serve me hot pan de sal with scrambled eggs.  Those were the carefree days!

So hopefully the CG movie would GET it right and I’m hoping that it would be as enjoyable as the original anime.  I could still hear the original theme song in my head: “Soaring high in the sky…”


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