I’M BACK! Hello 2010 :)

After a refreshing two-week vacation, I’m finally back.  And now, I have a Twitter account, so you can follow me if you want 🙂  Here’s my URL: http://twitter.com/IAmPinoyMan

So what’s new with me?  Not much… Still the same me.  But I have some new resolutions… again!  I’m trying to be more positive now with everything around me, especially the traffic.  The traffic really is the one thing that gets me down day in and day out.  But that is the reality here in Manila so like Covey said I would just have to have a paradigm shift and control my reactions.

Last year, the biggest and most awesome movie I saw was Avatar.  Hopefully, after the MMFF 2009 is completed, they would play it again in theaters.  I would love to watch it again, hopefully this time in IMAX 3D 🙂

So until the next post or tweet, I’m gonna hit the sack now…



2 responses to “I’M BACK! Hello 2010 :)

  1. My friend Jem saw “Avatar” at IMAX and was totally blown away. I’m not much of a fan but I can see the excitement in her eyes as she was telling me all about it. I guess I should see it for myself…

    • yup you should see while it’s still in theaters! the movie has topnotch special effects and a moving story with a message! to top it off it’s been no. 1 in the box office for 7 weeks straight and has won several awards already!

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