Fables – An Interesting Take on Familiar Fairy Tale Characters

Tired of the usual bad guy vs. good guy plot in comics?  Why don’t you try DC’s Vertigo imprint.  Vertigo has a great line of excellent, alternative comics with the-not-so-usual plot formula.  Take for example, some of the Vertigo greats like 100 Bullets, The Sandman, Y: The Last Man, V for Vendetta, etc…

Sure, I’m a big Batman & X-Men fan.  But sometimes I long for a different type of story. So I go for Vertigo.  Right now I’m starting to read Fables.  It’s an interesting take on how our favorite fairy tale characters were driven out of their world and were forced to live in ours (What they call the “mundane” world).

It’s fun to read since everyone of us are familiar with the characters already (Snow White, Prince Charming, Rose Red, Big Bad Wolf, Bluebear, etc.) and it’s fun to read how they interact (Big Bad Wolf had already been reformed and one of the pigs still accuse him of blowing down their house).  Truly a great work by Bill Willingham and illustrated by our very own Lan Medina.

It’s really a must read for mature comic readers everywhere!



2 responses to “Fables – An Interesting Take on Familiar Fairy Tale Characters

  1. My boyfriend bought me the entire set of Fables last month, just out of the blue. He said I would enjoy them. (I think he’s trying to convert me, hehe) I’m done with the first two volumes and just started reading the third. I’m trying to hold out reading it all in one go, but it’s hard. It’s a really good, fun read. And I think Lan Medina’s drawings are the best of the lot. =)

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