Geek-Friendly Malls: Alphaland Southgate Mall

I’m starting a new series of posts entitled Geek-Friendly Malls.  In this series I would post a review of malls that are, well, geek-friendly.  These are the malls where a geek could buy something, enjoy looking around and generally have fun.

My first mall to review is one of the newest malls around, Alphaland Southgate Mall (It’s a mouthful, I know!).  The mall is connected to the Magallanes MRT Station and this is convenient for us commuters since instead of climbing the eternal stairs of the MRT we could just take the escalators of the mall and do sight-seeing at the same time.  The third floor of the mall directly connects to the entrance of the station via a plane-like corridor.

After entering the Pasong Tamo Ext. entrance, you could immediately see a Book Sale on the left and some restaurants scattered around.  On the second floor there  are two stores that a geek can enjoy: DIY and Daiso.  But the fun starts on the third floor, where there are lots of stalls for movies, music and games with friendly sellers always willing to accomodate your requests.  In addition there’s a huge CD-R King branch in there, plus a Games store for the gamer geeks.

On Friday nights, there’s music blasting in the foodcourt area and the mood is generally festive with everyone spending their hard-earned cash for barrels of booze, children dancing on the elevated stage, students laughing, etc…

And if you’re tired already,  you just step into the aforementioned corridor and voila!  — You’re already in the Magallanes MRT Station.


Accessibility: 5 out of 5 (Directly connects to Magallanes MRT Station)
Stores of Note: Book Sale, DIY, Daiso, CD-R King, Game, assorted DVD/VCD/MP3 stalls
Restaurants: Chow King, Goldilocks, Jollibee,  Chef d’ Angelo, Green Mango, Bean Hopper’s Cafe
Quick Bites: HK-Style Noodles (my favorite!)
G.F.R. (Geek-Friendly Rating): 5 out of 5!

That’s all folks!  Till the next G.F.M. (Geek-Friendly Mall) Review 🙂


8 responses to “Geek-Friendly Malls: Alphaland Southgate Mall

    • yup natapos din! tagal ding tiwangwang yang area na yan at buti na lang mall ginawa nila… at least may hangout before going to the mrt. plus no need to take the stairs — elevator or escalator na lang to the 3rd floor then mrt na 🙂

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