Manny Pacquiao crushed Joshua Clottey

As expected, Manny Pacquiao destroyed Joshua Clottey who had been reduced to a human punching bag early on.  Pacquiao was announced the champion after 12 rounds of boxing which some found a little lackluster due to the hesitation (out of fear perhaps?) of Clottey.  It may not be THE event that everyone was waiting for, but it sure was a great victory for our very own Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao!

Here are some snippets from a great post-fight article that I’ve read by MailOnline’s Jeff Powell at

This little chap is possessed of more energy than it takes to power up the space station of an arena in which he retained his world welterweight title against a challenger who dwarfed him in the ring.

The perceived wisdom has been that Mayweather’s size and defensive skills would make him impregnable against any smaller fighter, no matter how gifted. That theory was thrown into question here as Pacquaio won almost every round against Joshua Clottey, an iron-man of a former champion who weighed two divisions heavier than himself by the time they entered the ring and who boxed behind a defensive wall of arms and gloves.

Read the complete article here:

In another article at HBO Boxing, it mentioned:

Despite Clottey not being knocked down in the 11th, Pacquiao’s virtuosity in the round led to a standing ovation at its end, giving way to a largely anticlimactic 12th before the unanimous decision in Pacquiao’s favor could be announced.

Read the complete article here:


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