Don’t You Just Hate #5 & #6… Smaller Bill Requests & Incomplete Change from Some Fast Food Chains

Two things eternally annoy me with some fast food chains:

  1. Their propensity to ask for smaller bills when you give them P1000 or P500 bills
  2. Their bad habit of not giving the exact change and being too apologetic about it

Imagine this scenario.  It is early morning.  You are hungry.  You withdraw from the ATM with a sign that said “P1000 bills only” (This is another annoyance worthy of another post).  Then after getting your money, you go to the nearest fast food place.  You order your breakfast, then give the P1000 bill.  The first thing they always say like programmed robots is this: “Do you have a smaller bill?”  Granted, sometimes I used to give P1000 bills to break it even though I have smaller bills.

But most of the times I avoid using P1000 bills to avoid scenarios such as these.  But sometimes you just can’t avoid using them.  And I’m pissed to no end when I hear this smaller bill crap!  In the US, they don’t do this.  The cashiers don’t care what kind of bill you give them.  They just give you the correct change.  Which reminds me of my second annoyance.

After going through the aforementioned crap, next came another crap:  They gave me an incomplete change!  And they have the gall to ask: “Sir, would it be OK kung kulang ng piso?”  I’m tempted to reply: “Would it be OK kung magbayad ako ng kulang sa piso?”  I just replied, after slowly counting from one to ten: “No it would not be OK.  You have to give the exact change.”  After some deliberation on their side, they finally gave me my P1.

I can’t believe that after all these years, customer service still sucks here in Manila…


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