Movie Review: Tekken

Watched Tekken last night. And despite negative reviews, Tekken still managed to deliver a decent video game adaptation which IMHO is still quite enjoyable. They have successfully interwoven the convoluted storylines of Tekken 1-6 into an almost coherent, albeit simple, plot.

Some things I like: the fight scenes are great,the costumes are spot-on for Raven, Anna & Nina Williams, Christie Monteiro, Dragunov, Bryan Fury, Yoshimitsu and of course Jin Kazama (although it was a miss for Marshall Law & Steve Fox).

Some things I didn’t like: Heihachi’s hair is laughable, there was just not enough fighting, Jack is not the same Jack as in the game, and lastly, the omission of some major characters like Paul Phoenix, Hwoarang & King (my favorite since Tekken 1).

Overall, Tekken the movie is still miles better than the pathetic Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li.


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