Congrats to Ms. Venus Raj for winning 4th Runner-up in the 2010 Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant

We came so close but it was OK!  It was William Baldwin’s fault 🙂

Yes, it was the Philippines vs. Mexico again in the final rounds but this time Ms. Mexico, Jimena Navarette, got the top prize — so congrats to her as well!

Congrats also to Miss Thailand, Fonthip Watcharatrakul (a bit hard to pronounce, I know),  for winning two awards: Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume.  At least there were two Asians that won awards during this year’s pageant since year by year, almost all of the finalists were mostly Latinas and Europeans.

Lastly, kudos to one of my favorite rockers of all time and recent Celebrity Apprentice champ, Bret Michaels, for succesfully hosting the pageant and for enduring countless elbowing from his co-host Natalie Morales.  OH YEAH!!!

So what’s in store for us in the next pageant?  We have a year to wait until we find out.


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