Aide of P-Noy in Tweet Controversy

CommentaryI can’t believe that there’s another controversy surrounding P-Noy.  This time via stupid tweets made by his Assistant Secretary Mai Mislang.  And P-Noy even defended her saying that “she’s young and perhaps she didn’t realize that her simple acts had implications.”

For me, her age is not the issue here.  There are many persons even younger than her who know that it is impolite to disrespect your hosts by complaining about the food or wine that they serve, even more so if your hosts are from another land!  One stupid mistake and those foreign hosts might generalize it and they might have a negative perception of us.  Fortunately, the Vietnamese government is mature enough and understanding and they did not make a big deal out of it.  Remember that we Filipinos are easily offended from disparaging remarks made by others.  But do we offend others just as easily?

If P-Noy is so soft on reprimanding these unethical deeds, then those guilty will have the tendency to be repeat offenders.  I know P-Noy is a good person, but he is losing his goodwill fast, due to the ineptitude of the people that surrounds him.

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6 responses to “Aide of P-Noy in Tweet Controversy

  1. Remember Joker Arroyo commented sometime after the quirino hostage crisis that the present goverment is being run like it’s a student government, reiterating as well the way Lacierda treated journalists in the first 45 days of P-Noy. As for Mislang, yes she was indeed foolish to post such comments and forgot that she is representing the Philippine government.I won’t invite someone like her (again) if I were a host. She does not know how to appreciate but she’s quick and good to lambast and criticize. Idiot, pweh!

  2. com’on, let’s do d same thing dat c has done. di nman pla masama un eh! lalo na ung mga me position sa govt, do d same or similar act… di nman pla condemnable un eh. sane ituro un sa gmrc at lahat ng grado sa mga skul. ang saya saya noh?

    • yup ibang klase talaga govt natin. lahat ng kasalanan minamaliit or pinapagaan… di tuloy feel nung nagkamali na may nagawa sya!!! tendency tuloy nyan maulit yung mga mistakes… so sad!

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