Recent Haul from Book Sale

I admit, I’m more excited to go to Book Sale than Fully Booked.  It’s not the ridiculously low price but rather the fun of discovery.  Sometimes I go to Book Sale without a single idea of what to buy, but after an hour or so I would go home with a great book purchase.

Last Saturday, I was able to buy a hardback of Caroline Alexander’s The War that Killed Achilles – The True Story of Homer’s “Iliad” and the Trojan War, still in almost mint condition for only P165!

I actually didn’t know that this book even exists and when I found it (the title just grabbed me, being a fan of Achilles & Troy) I really felt that I discovered something great.

Here’s something from The New York Time Book Review:

Alexander is best known as the author of “The Bounty” and “The Endurance,” well-received books about sea voyages that took place long after the Achaeans set out to avenge Helen. But she is also a trained classicist, and “The War That Killed Achilles” suggests a joyful re- embrace of an early love. In its bones and sinews, the book is a nobly bold, even rousing, venture, a read-through of the “Iliad,” from beginning to end, always with a sharp eye to half a century of revealing scholarship, by great Hellenists like Gregory Nagy, Jasper Griffin, M. L. West and many others. The book’s best ideas won’t be new to readers versed in this work, but it would be hard to find a faster, livelier, more compact introduction to such a great range of recent Iliadic explorations. ~Where Men Won Glory by Steve Coates (

BTW, in addition to the aforementioned hardback, I was also able to buy two mags, P100 a piece, on digital arts and photography — two subjects that are near and dear to my heart! 🙂

Here they are:

<screenshot to follow>

So until the next adventure in Book Sale!


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