MMDA’s got a new office — and its name is not pretty!

After the mess that the DOT got embroiled into, now we have another government office with another potential disaster.

The MMDA now has a new office — the Traffic & Transport Management Office or TTMO for short.  For our foreign friends this would be insignificant but for us Filipinos TTMO is a wordplay that does not sound so wholesome.  You can ask your Filipino friends if you want 🙂

But it begs the question again —  Do these people actually THINK before creating a new office name, or creating a slogan or designing  a logo???    In light of recent events, it seems that they DO NOT!

Check it out from the official MMDA site at:


Pacquiao 8-8!!!

I knew it! I’ve said it here before on my Nov. 2nd post that Pacquiao will stand victorious and he did!  Distractions aside, I knew that Pacquiao will demolish the bigger Margarito and will claim his 8th championship belt in 8 different divisions.


Recent Haul from Book Sale

I’ve got some great buys from my recent trip to Book Sale.  First off was Roger Ebert’s Four-Star Reviews 1967-2007, a massive book on some of Ebert’s highly regarded movies covering a span of 40 years.  Admittedly, I do not agree with some of Ebert’s reviews but in general he was able to nail most of them.  And yes, it was 3 years off but who could argue with its price (P120)?

<screenshot to follow>

I was also able to buy 2 glossy mags at P100 apiece.  One a WWE mag that features all of the superstars profiles.  I no longer follow the WWE since HBK left and DX was no more, but I still buy their mags if they interest me.  And this one sure does.

<screenshot to follow>

I was in geek heaven when I saw this mag on Twitter Celebrity Profiles.  Although I’m not a heavy Twitter user, I still check on my favorite celebrities tweets every now and then and to have a certified celebrity directory is very handy indeed.

<screenshot to follow>

Lastly, I saw a copy of The Bourne Identity as I approach the counter to pay for my stuff, and I bought it as well.  I want to read the original story and not the crap story that they did for the movie versions.

<screenshot to follow>

That’s all for now, see you again in my next trip to Book Sale!

PS2 is now 10 yrs. old!!!

I can’t believe that my trusty, ole PS2 is now a decade old and still runs strong!  The first ever PS2 was released on October 2000 and last month marks its 10th year in the gaming industry and 10 years is a lifetime in this industry considering that most consoles last for only five years or less.

Check out this article regarding this remarkable achievement for my favorite console of all time — the PlayStation 2:

Face-Off!: LRT vs. MRT

In the spirit of the upcoming Pacquiao vs. Margarito fight, I’m starting a new column: Face-Off!  And my first Face-Off! is between the LRT and the MRT.  As a long time LRT/MRT commuter, here are some of my observations between the two according to some of my own criteria:

LRT – More behaved as compared to MRT crowd but can get pushy during peak hours but still not as rude as the MRT crowd
MRT – Gets rowdy all the time especially from Guadalupe Station onwards (from Taft Ave.)

LRT – New trains are more comfortable than the old trains.  Old trains tend to be hot and drippy during rainy days.
MRT – Trains are newer than the LRT and more spacious although the A/C is  a little weak in some cars.  Also drippy during rainy days.

Best Stations to Ride:
LRT – Either Balintawak or Roosevelt Ave.  These are still new stations and the crowd volume is low.  I love it when the train enters these two stations.  You could actually lie down on the seats since most of the passengers get off at Monumento.
MRT – None!

Worst Stations to Ride:
LRT – Monumento Station.  Lots of people with some of them not easy on the nose!  At least you are guaranteed a seat.  EDSA Station is pretty tamed compared to Monumento even though the crowd volume is high since when a train arrives from Baclaran Station it is usually empty.  I’m not sure if the passengers are no longer patronizing the Baclaran Station or if they are skipping trains since I haven’t been to Baclaran lately.
MRT – North Ave. Station is the worst!  Although once you get in, you have a chance to grab a seat (after beating your fellow passengers! j/k)

Most Hated Feature (for lack of a better term):
MRT – SKIPPING TRAINS!!!  I usually ride in North Ave. Station and I could feel a collective curse coming out of the passengers when a skipping train skipped the station.
LRT – The LRT also has the skipping train feature but not as bad as the MRT.

Well, that’s all for my initial list.  Please feel free to suggest more criteria if you want 🙂

Willie Revillame — Back on the air!

I was watching TV the other night, when suddenly I caught sight of Revillame’s smug mug on TV5.  I guess he’s back!  It really befuddles me that Willie always finds a way to rebound after a big mess, and this time around with PNoy’s ex, Shalani Soledad, as co-host, nonetheless!

How could someone with Willie’s reputation still be in demand?  Well, I don’t know!  I guess we Filipinos do indeed have short-term memory…

PS: Reportedly, PNoy didn’t watch his ex-girlfriend’s show when it debuted last Monday (

All About Music

I was playing Bon Jovi’s recently released Greatest Hits collection when I found myself reminiscing our college days.  We were all Bon Jovi fanatics then and we even attended their concert at the Rizal Memorial which was interrupted by the rain and a riot ensued afterwards.

So music is not just something we listen to but is akin to a time machine that can bring us back, our minds at least, to a distant past connected with that music.  I know that most of you will agree.  I remember listening to Sting’s Greatest Hits when I was on an onshore assignment in the US way back in the 90s.  So whenever I hear Sting’s Fragile or Field of Dreams, I am instantly teleported to those good old days when Y2K was the big thing and the dot com was the rage and everyone was becoming overnight millionaires except me.  Fond memories, sure…

So the next time you hear a song, what events does it remind you of?  Hopefully, good ones!