MMDA’s got a new office — and its name is not pretty!

After the mess that the DOT got embroiled into, now we have another government office with another potential disaster.

The MMDA now has a new office — the Traffic & Transport Management Office or TTMO for short.  For our foreign friends this would be insignificant but for us Filipinos TTMO is a wordplay that does not sound so wholesome.  You can ask your Filipino friends if you want 🙂

But it begs the question again —  Do these people actually THINK before creating a new office name, or creating a slogan or designing  a logo???    In light of recent events, it seems that they DO NOT!

Check it out from the official MMDA site at:


Willie Revillame — Back on the air!

I was watching TV the other night, when suddenly I caught sight of Revillame’s smug mug on TV5.  I guess he’s back!  It really befuddles me that Willie always finds a way to rebound after a big mess, and this time around with PNoy’s ex, Shalani Soledad, as co-host, nonetheless!

How could someone with Willie’s reputation still be in demand?  Well, I don’t know!  I guess we Filipinos do indeed have short-term memory…

PS: Reportedly, PNoy didn’t watch his ex-girlfriend’s show when it debuted last Monday (

Japan would be spared from Mislang’s Tweets

Just read this news from

Mislang, an assistant secretary at the Presidential Communication Development and Strategic Planning (PCDSP) office, will not be part of the Philippine delegation to the APEC, according to President Benigno Aquino III himself.

That’s a good start! 🙂

Check out the complete article at:

With regards to that rude Mislang person…

CommentaryI found this excellent article by Boo Chanco of The Philippine Star.  Check it out here:

Here are some valid points from the article that I want to highlight.  Please do click the link above and read the article in its entirety.  It’s a great read!

  • If both my grandmothers were alive today and we told them the Mai Mislang tweets, they would have reacted by exclaiming three words: Bastos. Walang pinagaralan. They wouldn’t care if Mislang was a cum laude graduate of UP or even if she had a PhD in nuclear physics. She would still be bastos… walang pinagaralan.
  • Monitoring the social networks over the weekend, there were those who said that we should be more understanding because Mislang is typical of today’s youth. I beg to disagree. I have three children ages 25-30 and they would never have done what Mislang did. It is all a question of breeding. Mislang may have had the misfortune of not having been trained well by her parents.
  • It is simply basic and that makes it so difficult to understand why Mislang did it, to the embarrassment of the whole Filipino nation. When you are a guest in someone’s home, you act like a good guest. You should be respectful. If you are offered something to eat or drink, say thank you. If you do not like what was served, suffer in silence and even swallow it as if it was the most delicious treat in the world. When you are asked how you liked the food, smile sincerely and say it was great.  Now, if you are a public official representing the country abroad, do all those things even more. …

And I saved the best one for last:

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Aide of P-Noy in Tweet Controversy

CommentaryI can’t believe that there’s another controversy surrounding P-Noy.  This time via stupid tweets made by his Assistant Secretary Mai Mislang.  And P-Noy even defended her saying that “she’s young and perhaps she didn’t realize that her simple acts had implications.”

For me, her age is not the issue here.  There are many persons even younger than her who know that it is impolite to disrespect your hosts by complaining about the food or wine that they serve, even more so if your hosts are from another land!  One stupid mistake and those foreign hosts might generalize it and they might have a negative perception of us.  Fortunately, the Vietnamese government is mature enough and understanding and they did not make a big deal out of it.  Remember that we Filipinos are easily offended from disparaging remarks made by others.  But do we offend others just as easily?

If P-Noy is so soft on reprimanding these unethical deeds, then those guilty will have the tendency to be repeat offenders.  I know P-Noy is a good person, but he is losing his goodwill fast, due to the ineptitude of the people that surrounds him.

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