All About Music

I was playing Bon Jovi’s recently released Greatest Hits collection when I found myself reminiscing our college days.  We were all Bon Jovi fanatics then and we even attended their concert at the Rizal Memorial which was interrupted by the rain and a riot ensued afterwards.

So music is not just something we listen to but is akin to a time machine that can bring us back, our minds at least, to a distant past connected with that music.  I know that most of you will agree.  I remember listening to Sting’s Greatest Hits when I was on an onshore assignment in the US way back in the 90s.  So whenever I hear Sting’s Fragile or Field of Dreams, I am instantly teleported to those good old days when Y2K was the big thing and the dot com was the rage and everyone was becoming overnight millionaires except me.  Fond memories, sure…

So the next time you hear a song, what events does it remind you of?  Hopefully, good ones!


Macro Photography

On a positive note, I would just like to leave all that Mislang brouhaha aside and focus on more uplifting stuff, like photography.

I’ve been long fascinated by macro photography but due to the exuberant prices of macro lenses I’ve been unable to delve into it.  Fortunately, there exists a rather inexpensive device that will enable the not-so-rich like myself to try my hands on macro photography.  This device is the reverse ring and by using it along with a diffuser one can enjoy shooting the macro way.

Here are some of my samples:

One Peso Coin

One Peso Coin

Boracay Souvenir

Boracay Souvenir

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Who invented 2-day weekends, anyway???

Here I am sitting on my desk, feeling the dread of the upcoming workday… I can’t believe that the 3-day weekend was over.  But it was great, nonetheless.  I had great photography at the zoo and at the harbor and had great rest as well.  But I feel that all the positivity that I got is being zapped by the thought of commuting to work again tomorrow.

Well, that’s life for you…


I took the LRT from Balintawak to Monumento Station and it was good!!!

Finally, I’ve tried to ride from Balintawak Station to Monumento Station and back.  Even though Balintawak Station is still not totally finished — they are still working on the elevators/escalators, walls, paints, etc. — it’s good that they’re already allowing passengers to ride past Monumento and into Balintawak and vice versa.  It provided a ton of convenience for us commuters.  I can’t officially wait for Roosevelt Station (AKA WalterMart Station) to be completed!

Suffering from Jaded Gamer Syndrome

Okay, I admit it.  I might be suffering from the dreaded “Jaded Gamer Syndrome”.  I’ve played Bad Company 2 for only a few minutes before concluding that it’s a poor imitation of the great Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.  I’ve been waiting for a long time for Just Cause 2 until I’ve actually played it last Saturday for just around 10 minutes and I’ve stopped.  I no longer like it.  Metro 2033 looks cool enough in the screenshots and previews but afte r playing it, it’s also not my cup of tea.  None of the games that are already out still interest me.

So what do you guys think?  How does one ever get out of this so-called “Jaded Gamer Syndrome”???

Ten Years of Gaming Goodness with the PS2

I remember arriving home from the office.  It was a tiring day and I’m ready to hit the sack early.  Until I saw a tiny slip of yellow paper wedged inconspicuously in the screen door of my apartment.  My heart skipped a beat!  I hurriedly took the paper and ran back to my car in record time.  I still had some few minutes left and I might actually make it.

My heart was still racing as I parked my car in the postal office parking lot and ran straight to the entrance.  Inside, I gave the yellow slip to the guy behind the counter and he disappeared .  After what seemed like an eternity, he reappeared carrying a box.  That was it — my most-awaited item was inside that box!

The year was 2000.  I was still working for a big trading company in the US during that year.  It was sometime before the dot com crash and after the big hoopla that amounted to nothing (Y2K Bug).  And inside that box was a machine that would forever change gaming as we know it – the Sony PlayStation2 (or just PS2 for short)!

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