PS2 is now 10 yrs. old!!!

I can’t believe that my trusty, ole PS2 is now a decade old and still runs strong!  The first ever PS2 was released on October 2000 and last month marks its 10th year in the gaming industry and 10 years is a lifetime in this industry considering that most consoles last for only five years or less.

Check out this article regarding this remarkable achievement for my favorite console of all time — the PlayStation 2:


All About Music

I was playing Bon Jovi’s recently released Greatest Hits collection when I found myself reminiscing our college days.  We were all Bon Jovi fanatics then and we even attended their concert at the Rizal Memorial which was interrupted by the rain and a riot ensued afterwards.

So music is not just something we listen to but is akin to a time machine that can bring us back, our minds at least, to a distant past connected with that music.  I know that most of you will agree.  I remember listening to Sting’s Greatest Hits when I was on an onshore assignment in the US way back in the 90s.  So whenever I hear Sting’s Fragile or Field of Dreams, I am instantly teleported to those good old days when Y2K was the big thing and the dot com was the rage and everyone was becoming overnight millionaires except me.  Fond memories, sure…

So the next time you hear a song, what events does it remind you of?  Hopefully, good ones!

Recent Haul from Book Sale

I admit, I’m more excited to go to Book Sale than Fully Booked.  It’s not the ridiculously low price but rather the fun of discovery.  Sometimes I go to Book Sale without a single idea of what to buy, but after an hour or so I would go home with a great book purchase.

Last Saturday, I was able to buy a hardback of Caroline Alexander’s The War that Killed Achilles – The True Story of Homer’s “Iliad” and the Trojan War, still in almost mint condition for only P165!

I actually didn’t know that this book even exists and when I found it (the title just grabbed me, being a fan of Achilles & Troy) I really felt that I discovered something great.

Here’s something from The New York Time Book Review:

Alexander is best known as the author of “The Bounty” and “The Endurance,” well-received books about sea voyages that took place long after the Achaeans set out to avenge Helen. But she is also a trained classicist, and “The War That Killed Achilles” suggests a joyful re- embrace of an early love. In its bones and sinews, the book is a nobly bold, even rousing, venture, a read-through of the “Iliad,” from beginning to end, always with a sharp eye to half a century of revealing scholarship, by great Hellenists like Gregory Nagy, Jasper Griffin, M. L. West and many others. The book’s best ideas won’t be new to readers versed in this work, but it would be hard to find a faster, livelier, more compact introduction to such a great range of recent Iliadic explorations. ~Where Men Won Glory by Steve Coates (

BTW, in addition to the aforementioned hardback, I was also able to buy two mags, P100 a piece, on digital arts and photography — two subjects that are near and dear to my heart! 🙂

Here they are:

<screenshot to follow>

So until the next adventure in Book Sale!

Movie Review: The Expendables

Watching The Expendables made me feel like a kid again watching those early Stallone flicks in the moviehouse like Over the Top, Rambo III and Demolition Man.  The Expendables is a 100% pure old-school action movie and I love every minute of it!  I haven’t had this much satisfaction in an action film like I did here.

Together with the action legend Sylvester Stallone, you have three martial artists: Jason Statham, Jet Li & Dolph Lundgren, an NFL linebacker: Terry Crews, a UFC Hall of Famer and former Heavyweight Champion: Randy “The Natural” Couture,a WWE Hall of Famer and also former Heavyweight Champion: “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, a multi-awarded actor: Mickey Rourke, and fellow action legends in cameo roles: Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Continue reading

Movie Review: Tekken

Watched Tekken last night. And despite negative reviews, Tekken still managed to deliver a decent video game adaptation which IMHO is still quite enjoyable. They have successfully interwoven the convoluted storylines of Tekken 1-6 into an almost coherent, albeit simple, plot.

Some things I like: the fight scenes are great,the costumes are spot-on for Raven, Anna & Nina Williams, Christie Monteiro, Dragunov, Bryan Fury, Yoshimitsu and of course Jin Kazama (although it was a miss for Marshall Law & Steve Fox).

Continue reading

PinoyMan is now a proud owner of an iPod touch!

After a long, long wait, I’ve finally succumbed to the Apple juggernaut and have bought an iPod touch.  And I can say that it’s well worth it!  It’s above and beyond all touch devices out there plus you just can’t beat the App Store with its thousands of cool apps!

Best of all, I can do WordPress anywhere, anytime with the WordPress app.  Well, at least anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection.

The only thing missing with the iPod touch is a camera and a phone 🙂