All About Music

I was playing Bon Jovi’s recently released Greatest Hits collection when I found myself reminiscing our college days.  We were all Bon Jovi fanatics then and we even attended their concert at the Rizal Memorial which was interrupted by the rain and a riot ensued afterwards.

So music is not just something we listen to but is akin to a time machine that can bring us back, our minds at least, to a distant past connected with that music.  I know that most of you will agree.  I remember listening to Sting’s Greatest Hits when I was on an onshore assignment in the US way back in the 90s.  So whenever I hear Sting’s Fragile or Field of Dreams, I am instantly teleported to those good old days when Y2K was the big thing and the dot com was the rage and everyone was becoming overnight millionaires except me.  Fond memories, sure…

So the next time you hear a song, what events does it remind you of?  Hopefully, good ones!